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Featured Styles

Catalog Cover
Online Full-Color Catalog. If you can't wait for a print copy of the catalog, and need to see the materials we offer right now, go to our Online Catalog page.
We have the largest number of stock materials, and widest range of sizes and shapes of any hard back lamp shade line in North America. Each of our materials can be made into thousands of sizes and shapes. Shown here is a sampling of shades to show the quality detailing and broad range of our product line.

There are over 100 styles (materials) in stock, including:

  • fabrics, including linens, shantung and silky textures, burlap and rustic weaves,
  • translucent parchments, leather-looks, and classic oiled parchment,
  • exotic and plain papers,
  • pleated fabrics, ranging from basic to elegant, and
  • our famous opaque painted shades, with a variety of fancy linings.

New Genuine Silk Pongee New Style 290 Genuine Silk Pongee: Our new fine-weave genuine silk meets the needs of lighting designers that want a genuine silk with a delicate texture and no slubs. This exotic material joins our line in response to requests from customers for a smooth genuine silk. The weave adds very subtle texture, putting more emphasis on shade shape than fabric texture. Stocked in White, Ivory and a beige called "Natural".

Styles 874 and 875 Grasscloth: Style 874 (foreground) has a light colored fine weave. Also available slightly darker as style 869. Style 875 (background) is darker, with larger fibers and a bolder texture. The coordinating fabric trim gives these styles a rich look. Grasscloth Shades

European Parchments European Parchment Collection: These European parchments are very translucent, vellum-like papers that complement a wide range of lamps. They give a soft glow to the light coming through the shade, and are good for emphasizing shade shape. Shown here from left to right, is style 760 in a cube square, style 762 cream in a vertically sided drum, and style 759 white in an empire shape.

Styles 743 and 832 Opaque Black Fabrics Black is Back! These two styles are versatile black fabrics on opaque backings. No light comes through the shade. Style 743 is a smooth tight-weave black percale/chintz with a white interior. It has a clean look. Style 832 is the black version of our popular style 830, laminated to a dressy gold lining. Black shades are becoiming popular again. We suspect it’s because the more open tops of today’s drum and empire styles allow more light out of the shade. Styles 743 and 832 Black Opaque Fabrics

657-LB Old Cowhide Look with Genuine Leather Lace 657-LB Old Cowhide Look with Genuine Leather Lace: -- This rich, old cowhide leather-look design on heavy parchment is shown here hand-laced with genuine leather "buckskin" lacing. Hand-antiqued at top and bottom. This shade is a member of our parchment/leather- look collection.

Style 538 Box Pleated Shantung: Our box pleated shantung lends itself to traditional lamps. Available in White, Eggshell or Bone. Shown here in the empire shape in white. Classic empire shapes are enjoying renewed popularity. Style 538 Box Pleated Shantung

801 Linen (White) 801 Genuine Linen: -- Our best-selling 100% flax genuine European linen, with a texture that is bold, but not overpowering. Appropriate for many lamps and design settings. Shown here in the deep-empire shape in white. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes in white, vanilla, oatmeal and black. We have several other linens in a range of price points to match your needs.

408 Antiqued Painted Opaque Colors: -- This version of our famous painted shades features hand-rubbed antiquing at the top and bottom. Shown here in an empire coolie shape in Chinese red. We offer painted shades in a wide range of colors and finishes. 408 Antiqued Painted Opaque Colors

919 Shirred Handkerchief Linen 919 Shirred Handkerchief linen: -- Our custom-dyed handkerchief linen, crisply pleated with elegant self-fold trim. Not a "generic" shirred shade. Shown here in a contemporary empire-coolie shape in hunter green. Also available in white, sand, beige, navy , mauve, wine, and ruby red.

727 Leaf Paper: -- Genuine leaves mixed into the paper give this shade an organic natural look. This popular paper is a great choice when you need a lot of texture. Matching binding tape of the same paper. Shown here in the post-modern cone shape. A member of our exotic "Botanical Paper Collection". 727 Leaf Paper

Style 717 Palomino Parchment Style #717 Palomino Parchment: The palomino marbling in this beige paper is intrinsic to the paper fibers, not printed on. Because of this, the marbling doesn't fade out when the light is turned on. Shown here in the empire coolie shape, this will also work well with other "in" shapes like drums, shallow drums and cube squares. This style is a good candidate for our genuine leather lacing, Style #717-LB.

316 Clipper Ship Print on Oiled Parchment: This attractive clipper ship print on classic oiled parchment will add charm to any nautically-themed decor. Shown here in a deep empire shape. These prints also look great in drum and oval shapes. This is just one member of our "Oiled Parchment Series". 316 Clipper Ship Print

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